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Promotion Casual & Chic – Steelite

Discover Steelite International’s “Casual & Chic” promotion: new lines and new shapes to enhance your table, give it more convenience and a vision of casual

Promotion Crazy Summer Tablecraft 2017

Summer is such for its colors, for its scents, but especially for its “madness”! So here is the “CRAZY SUMMER TABLECRAFT”, designed for your enjoyment

Drive Me Tasting: In Rome, high cuisine is tasted by bus

Charming, intriguing and revolutionary. These are some adjectives to describe this wonderful idea. A “RistoBus” that will allow you to visit the beautiful city of Rome

Gotha Dinner of Foodservice Award Italy 2017

The reflections on the Gala Dinner of Foodservice Award Italy 2017 will swich on May 16 at Superstudio Più di Milano in the context of

Porto Cervo Wine Festival 2017

Porto Cervo Wine Festival 2017: always present, still partner! Come and visit us at Best in Table and Rona’s stands at the Festival. It will

New 2017 Steelite Catalogue

Easter brings some gifts and surprises. Steelite can not be outdone, so here’s the new 2017 Product Catalogue updated! News, classics, beautiful surprises: COLLECTIONS 2017

New Revol Concept

Dear Customer, we are extremely excited to unveil the new buffet concept exclusively for you right before the (Ambiente show) Observing buffets of all kinds

2017 New Catalogue of BIT

A few months of life for this young company made in Italy yet it has already made to distinguish in the market trend, innovation and

New Steelite Products 2017 – New Inspirations

Steelite does not need any introduction, say it to your preferences! THANK YOU! The lifetime warranty against chipping of the edge “Made for Life” introduced

New 2017 Revol Catalogue

Revol, one of the oldest porcelain companies in Europe but also one of the most innovative of all time. The first to be able to